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Object decoration Harley Davidson for animals
Object decoration Harley Davidson for animals
Object decoration Harley Davidson for animals
Object decoration Harley Davidson for animals
Object decoration Harley Davidson for animals

Object decoration Harley Davidson for animals

Unique part. Let us recognize that it is more appétant to eat in a plate Hello Kitty, put on a former distributor of toasts. Light Glide Harley Davidson is electrified by a transformer 12V.

Size: height: 200 mm Length: 480 mm Width: 200 mm Weight: 1 kg


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Object decoration Harley Davidson for animals and theme Hello Kitty


This object decoration Harley Davidson for animals, is a small wink of eye for all the enthusiasts of Harley Davidson and I am a member of it, plate Hello Ketty and fire glide Harley Davidson enter the creation of the mess tin animal of luxury.

It is adorable one small piece of furniture with spare parts of motorcycle, that offers to our small balls of fluff an atmosphere Harley Davidson, and if the host(master of the place) in also his Harley Davidson, your Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Bengal, Sphynx will be in more in the theme with this object decoration Harley Davidson, who will throne majestically in your living area. I propose you to decorate him this lamp HARLEY DAVIDSON.

Unique room, hand-made and designed in France, no note in 52 languages, he is more pleasant for our youngs protected from food with this luxury mess tin Harley Davidson than on any other mess tin made in big series and in the chain.

Why Hello Kitty with this object decoration Harley Davidson for animals?

A few details to appreciate better this object decoration Harley Davidson for animals? Kitty wants to say kitten in English. At first Hello Kitty was largely for grandchildren, but it now became a phenomenon covering more than 22 000 products. Moreover, an amusement park dedicated to Hello Kitty opened its doors on October 22nd, 2010 in Japan.

Hello Kitty is sold in the United States since the beginning and considers ambassador’s position as the UNICEF since the year 1983. She become popular at the end of 1990s when several celebrities as Mariah Carey adopted him as article of mode. Besides, some video games in the effigy of Hello Kitty are marketed all over the world.


Why the mess tin for animals is an object decoration Harley davidson?

Simply to create a timeless universe where get involved elegance, emotion, style, charm, and also because our protected youngs have the right in their piece of furniture on the theme Harley Davidson!

This object decoration Harley Davidson, is a small artistic and environment-friendly masterpiece in the art of the misappropriation of objects, as well as in the conception of accessories and luxury furnitures for animals. The object decoration Harley Davidson as mess tin for animals, is what suits best in your protected young, and it is moreover, one young wink of eye if Sir in his Harley Davidson!

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